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Your customers use the internet to search for the most effective solutions to address their challenges, and the companies that are winning the business are the providing relevant content that helps them start moving towards the best solution.

We help our clients understand what challenges their clients are trying to address and what steps they need to take in the 'buying journey' to get to a solution. The understanding of this journey will position our client's for earning more of the business.

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How our inbound marketing strategy works.




We create relevant and compelling content on your website and social media channels that your prospect is searching for online.


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Our marketing team produces conversion elements -- like call-to-actions and landing page offers -- that encourage your website visitors to take some action.



Automated marketing follow up continues to 'warm up' the website lead until they are ready to buy.



Setting goals and benchmarking the activity allows our team and you to continuously improve the results.


Brent Armstrong

"Our organic search results grew by over 600% in just the first six months of working with [Montonara & Associates] on our inbound marketing program."

Brent Armstrong
The Armstrong Group 


Strategies that help you convert your prospects into customers!

Montonara & Associates provides a wide range of sales strategies & marketing services to help you increase your business revenue by converting prospects into customers.

These sales & marketing services can be uniquely configured as customized sales solutions that meet our clients' specific goals.

Learn more about our services and how they can help you start achieving greater sales and marketing success for your business.

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"[Montonara & Associates'] primary focus is on developing strategies for clients interested in measuring ROI -- in every sales strategy and in every marketing/communication strategy. I count their expertise as a valuable asset..."

Robbie Gring-Campbell
Gring Consultants 


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