Our key team members represent decades of successful business experience in sales, marketing, strategy, and communication. Each of our client solutions begin with a solid business plan that includes a mutual understanding of the client challenges, goals, objectives AND metrics that allow us and the client to visualize the progress of our projects. We lean heavily on the latest technology to achieve our client goals... but never allow the technology to 'drive the solution'.

Key Team Strategists

Mark Montonara

Inbound Marketing Strategist

Decades of experience in publishing and corporate sales and sales management.

If he has free time, it is spent either playing with a new tech 'toy' or chasing his 6-year-old granddaughter around on the beach. 

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John Davis

Content Marketing Strategist

Publishing and content creation has been a mainstay of his business life. Understanding how companies successfully communicate with their customers is the focus of his work.

John has never met a book that he has not enjoyed reading.

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Robbie Gring-Campbell

Marketing Strategist

National and regional clients have solved big business challenges with Robbie's assistance, and have seen successful growth following her lead.

When not working with her clients, she can be found roaming in the Blue Ridge Mountains among the wild elk.

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Hamza Abd El-Wahab

Web/WordPress Development


Michelle Anne Fernandez

Social Media Specialist/
Data Management